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April 13, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


Most websites by default allow visitors to post comments on the content at the webpage. Commenting can be turned off by the webmaster but allowing comments can somehow boost the page ranking because it looks like an active and alive topic instead of dead and boring. There are pros and cons on enabling comments and there are times when some weird people just post nonsense in the comments area or perhaps a spammer posted a malicious link.

Sometimes you prefer not to have a long list of posted comments appearing on the article that you want to read which lags the scrolling of the page, so here is a Google Chrome extension called No Comments which is able to turn off comments, with the ability to turn them back on, on a per-site basis. No Comments does not work on all websites but currently supports 36 websites including some popular ones like YouTube, Digg, CNN, Yahoo.

After installing No Comments extension, if you visit any of the supported websites, the comments are automatically disabled. You can turn it back on by clicking the CO icon and shifting the slider to On. We have tested the turning on and off on the comments it doesn’t seem to work. Probably the author of No Comments extension is not aware of this bug. We have tested more in detailed and found that No Comments only hides the comments but doesn’t disable it from loading in the first place. Bandwidth is not saved but it gives a cleaner look.

No Comments

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