Remotely Administer Services in Windows via Browser with PanelDaemon

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


Windows Services is where a program can be configured to auto startup with Windows. The big difference is a program is able to start itself even before a user account is logged on. The windows services can be accessed locally by launching services.msc but with the help of PanelDaemon, it can be remotely managed using a browser or even with your mobile phone.

PanelDaemon is a free web based Microsoft Windows Service Applications manager. PanelDaemon is written in ASP.NET and C#. It is designed to run under IIS. It can be used in conjunction with FireDaemon. It is released under the terms of the GPL. If you don’t want to deploy IIS, you might want to take a look at FireDaemon Trinity.

Control Windows Services Online

PanelDaemon Features:

* Manage any Windows service via your web browser or mobile phone
* Ability to view/start/stop any Windows service (including FireDaemon ones)
* Ability to create/manage users with filtered “views” of available services (good for multihomed / multicustomer machines)
* Ability to edit FireDaemon service Parameters
* Built in RDP client for Remote Desktop sessions

PanelDaemon is free and it works on XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 and Vista. We’ve tested it with Windows 7 but the MSI installer detects that it is running an older version of Windows such as 95, 98 or ME. The last update on PanelDaemon was exactly a year ago and hopefully a new version will be released to support Windows 7.

Download PanelDaemon

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