Reduce Eye Strain by Tuning ClearType Text in Windows 7

April 14, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Microsoft has came up with a technology called ClearType which is supposed to show a smoother and clearer fonts in LCD monitors, flat-panel monitors, laptops and even PDA devices. Most modern computers already comes with a LCD monitor and enabling ClearType in Windows 7 will greatly help a user easier to read over long period of time without experiencing eye strain or mental fatigue. The good thing is ClearType is enabled by default in Windows 7 and you can tune or configure it to suit you best.

If you haven’t discovered about ClearType Text Tuner, you can access it by going to Control Panel > Display and click on Adjust ClearType text at the left hand sidebar. The ClearType Text Tuner window will open allowing you to turn on or off the ClearType. Clicking the Next button lets you select which monitor to tune. Clicking the next button will ask you to select the text sample that looks best to you for 4 times.

Adjust ClearType Text

We felt that the default settings for ClearType text is pretty good already but you might want to try tuning the ClearType yourself to find the best one that suits you and reduce your eye strain.

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