Real Time Screen Recorder and Game Recorder

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Software, Video


Have you wondered how people create nice video recording demos of game on their computer? Windows only provide a printscreen button to capture a screenshot but not a video recording software. You will need a software such as YouRecorder to do that.

YouRecorder is a powerful real-time game recorder and screen recorder. You can record PC games, Flash games, webcams, software operation steps, slides, windows, cursors, and anything you see on the computer screen. YouRecorder has powerful real-time video encoding capability, faster and high-quality. It creates small-size files and occupies a smaller hard disk space. YouRecorder supports synchronous video and audio recording. It can record audio from any source such as microphone, line-in, and speaker.

Free Video Screen Recording

The free version of YouRecorder allows you to record without time limitations but it won’t work for game recording because it needs Directx3D and OpenGL capture which are also disabled in the free version. If you want to record a short game session like catching cheaters and send it to the server admin, then you can use the the normal version which allows 100 seconds of free game recording. The free version also doesn’t allow the recordings to be converted into AVI or WMV from YRV, doesn’t show game FPS and no watermarking.

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