RapidDownload is the Smallest Automatic RapidShare Downloader

March 19, 2010 | Filed under Software


RapidShare contains a lot of files that you can never imagine because it is probably the most popular file sharing website today. The reason why we would want an automated RapidShare downloader is because RapidShare has a maximum upload size of only 200MB. Most movies are 700MB in size to fit in a CD and it has to be split into multiple parts to be combined later.

There are quite a number of RapidShare auto downloader tools, some are really huge with support of many other file sharing sites as well as decryption and router support to automate the disconnection and reconnection to obtain a new IP address.

RapidDownloadis the smallest RapidShare downloader that we have ever seen. RapidDownload executable file is only 19.5KB in size and is configurable using some of the text file. For example, the downloads.txt file is where all the RapidShare links contains and RapidDownload.ini is the configuration file on what the program should or should not do.

auto download rapidshare

Since RapidDownload is coded with simple features in mind, it does not support Premium accounts. You may not be impressed with this program with so little features but it is a proof that something can be created out of so little line of coding.

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