Pure Networks Security Scan Rates Your Network Security for Free

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Security


Network routers are very common nowadays because of the availability of broadband. However this also means that more and more networks are getting compromised because of the weak configuration in the first place. For non-savvy computer users, if they’re able to setup the Internet using their router via the built-in wizard, they wouldn’t care to change the default password or even configure to use a stronger wireless encryption. It doesn’t require a real hacker to get in a network because they would only need to try logging in to router using the default password, and if fail, cracking WEP encryption takes only 10 minutes the most.

If you are unsure how strong is your network security and not sure if anyone cracked in to your network, Pure Networks Security Scan might just be the tool for you to find potential wireless network security and Internet security vulnerabilities across your entire network.

This free service offered by LinkSys runs only on Internet Explorer by loading an activex addon. All you need to do is launch Internet Explorer, visit the Pure Networks Security Scan page and click the Start Scan button. The first time might take a little longer because it needs to download the Add-On.

When finished scanning, you get a report with a score rating. It also shows the network devices that are connected to your network which is good to find any unauthorized people using your Internet, your own computer network related settings and issues, any router problems, wireless security and internet threats.

Check unauthorized wireless users

Pure Networks Security Scan

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