Print What You Like Removes Junk and Advertisements before Printing

March 16, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Printing


Every web browser provides an easy and convenient way to print the web page that you are in. Probably you are interested in the content and write up of the article and decided to print and keep a local copy in case the website is no longer available. However a lot of websites are free and you can read the full contents without paying and the webmaster may put a few advertisement boxes, or sometimes a little too much so that they can generate revenue and pay for the web hosting fees.

If you print the whole page, not only it is messy but you waste the ink from your printer. Unless you want the online advertisements, they are unnecessary to be printed in a paper. You can of course remove them by saving the page to your local hard drive and edit the HTML using Frontpage by removing all those ads. That is the harder way. The easier way is to use a free web service by Print What You Like to optimize the page by condensing any web page down to just the content you want without pasting it to Word before sending it to your printer to get printed.

Edit PAge before Print save ink and paper

All you need to do is paste the URL to Print What You Like webpage, and it will automatically generate a page where you can easily delete the elements that you don’t want to be in the page. There are 3 very useful buttons to do everything for you which is “Do It For Me” which is fully automated and might not work all the time. The other two is removing the images and background on the page.

When you use Print What You Like, you save ink, paper, money, and environment.

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