Prevent Restore Makes Deleted Confidential Files Unrecoverable

April 3, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


If you have a confidential data in a file or sensitive photo on your computer that could get you into trouble with the law, or just wanted to keep it away from other people getting to it, by simply deleting it from your computer and emptying the recycle bin is not enough. When you empty the recycle bin, the file is gone from your computer but not totally wiped out as it is marked as deleted only and awaits for files to overwrite the space.

There are tools that can totally wipe out an existing file but you may probably left a few out and still exposed to risk of the files being recovered. One of the best way is to use Prevent Restore which is able to wipe free disk space on your hard disk to avoid any possible recovery of already deleted files. This operation is safe for existing files and they will not be damaged.

Prevent Data Recovery

Prevent Restore is very easy to use. After installation, run the program and you will get to a part to select the disks on which you want to run anti-recovery options. You then get to select which method you would like to use to replace the deleted files. For the free version you can only use replaces with spaces which is good enough to prevent from any ordinary data recovery tools.

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