Port Reporter Monitor and Logs TCP and UDP Port Activity

March 21, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


Every software or service that connects to the Internet to transfer data requires a working port. Some of it are nearly invisible such as the WWW which uses port 80. Every web browser accesses a web server at port 80 by default and no extra configuration is required, that is why it looked like it didn’t require any ports. A malware that captures your personal information and sending them to hacker also requires an open port which is normally a custom port that is not used.

Keeping track of your network activity by monitoring the TCP and UDP port is one of the best method to know what is going in and out from your computer. There are many port monitoring tools and here is one called Port Reporter that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Port Reporter is a small application that runs as a service on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and it monitors all TCP and UDP port and logs them into a file.

You can download Port Monitor, run the file to extract 4 files. Then run pr-setup.exe to install Port Reporter. When asked if you want to install Port Reporter, press the Y key to continue. Since Port Reporter runs as a service, you will need to use the command below to start and stop the monitoring and logging activity.

To Start: net start PortReporter
To Stop: net stop PortReporter

Make sure you remember to stop the port reporter service once you felt that you have finished the monitoring and logging or else it would continue to monitor and slow down your computer. The log file in text format will be automatically saved in C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\PortReporter. If the logs are a little too confusing for you to understand, try using Port Reporter Parser (PR-Parser) which is a log parser for Port Reporter log files. Just run the Parser after installation and you will be prompted to open the log file.

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