Play PowerPoint 2010 Slides Without Microsoft Office 2010

May 7, 2010 | Filed under Microsoft Office


PowerPoint is a presentation software that is included in Microsoft Office 2010. It can be used to create slideshows and also to view or play slideshow created by PowerPoint. One of the reason that PowerPoint became so popular is because the simplicity to use the program to present a slideshow. Not every person or company are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the Microsoft Office license just because of PowerPoint. If you need to play a powerpoint slideshow but the computer is without Microsoft Office, then you can use PowerPoint Viewer 2010.

Free PowerPoint 2010 Viewer Download

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with full fidelity. This viewer also supports opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can view and print presentations, but you cannot edit them in the PowerPoint Viewer.

This powerpoint viewer 2010 software is provided by Microsoft for free and anyone can download, install and use it. The viewer can only play the new transitions and video effects that were introduced in Office 2010 but not any web video that you embedded in your presentations. The PowerPoint Viewer 2010 requires to be installed and the setup file is 60.3MB in size.

Download PowerPoint Viewer 2010

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