Plain Sight Software Injects and Hides a File Within Another File

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There are many ways to protect a file from being opened by anyone and one of the most popular one is by encryption. However an encrypted file allows anyone to copy it away and brute force it from their computer. With a little bit of luck and time, it is possible for the encrypted file to be cracked. The fool proof way is to hide the file itself from being discovered in the first place so there is no chance for the cracker to crack the encrypted file.

Hiding a file also has many techniques and one of it is by hiding the confidential file IN another file by combining them together and leaving only the unimportant file functional. This way no one would ever suspect that the image, mp3 or video file has an embedded important information.

Plain Sight is a free program can be used to hide files within other files using military strength 256 bit AES encryption. It offers double protection against crackers that is using an unlock file generated when hiding the data and a password.

Hide Secret File Inside Normal File

Hiding a file with Plain Sight is incredibly easy. After installing Plain Sight, run it and go to Hide Data tab. The unlock file can be of any name and a location that you remember. The unlock file will have a .PSU extension and make sure you save the file in a safe location. Then choose the file that you want to hide. Finally, the third box is the file which you wish to hide inside of. The best is to use a file that contain a lot of binary data such as image, mp3 or video file. Enter your password and click Hide. You will notice that the target file size is bigger because the the file that you want to hide is injected into it. To extract the hidden data, you will have to supply the password, unlock file and the file that you want to extract from.

Plain Sight is free and compatible with Windows XP to Windows 7. Requires .NET Framework 3.5 dependencies.

Download Plain Sight

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