Permanently Disable Autostartup Programs in Windows with WhatInStartup

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Keeping track or what application is being auto startup when Windows is booted up is important. Reason is if you have a lot of software that runs during startup, it slows down the computer boot time and also takes up unnecessary memory making your computer slow. Some software tends to add itself to Windows startup whether you use it or not and virus also requires to run during Windows startup to infect other computers or steal the data on your computer.

There are many heavyweight and powerful auto startup analyzers which lists everything that starts up together with Windows including drivers, services and etc. Disabling the wrong one from startup can cause Windows to be unbootable or unstable and some features unavailable. One of the lightweight and safe to use tool to display the list of all applications that are loaded automatically when Window starts up is WhatInStartup.

WhatInStartup is a portable tool that requires no dependency to run. It lists the name of the program that auto starts up, where it is called called (from registry or startup folder), command line, product name, file version, product description, company, location, process path, file created time, file modified time and file attributes.

Permanetly disable autostartup programs

You can easily disable the startup item by right clicking on it and select Disable Selected Items. Once the item is disabled, some programs might auto added to startup again whenever you launch it and WhatInStartup has a special feature called Permanent Disabling to detect the change and disable it again.

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