PaperRater Offers Free Instant Online Proofreading with Grammar and Spelling Check

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English is the most well known language spoken around the whole world. Writing a good English article is essential but unfortunately not everyone is able to speak or write good English essays. There are people offering proof reading services where you can write according to your level of English and the proof reader will try to improve it by correcting your grammar, spelling mistakes and probably even rewrite the sentence for you.

If you’re written a paper and wants someone to grade your paper, you can try out Paper Rater. is a Paper Grader which analyzes text contents instantly without waiting anytime of the day in real time. People who uses this service a lot could help them improve their grammar and also writing skills. You may think that a computer analysis can never outsmart humans but you will be surprised on how powerful and smart the analysis is because it combines the power of natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, information retrieval (IR), computational linguistics, data mining, and advanced pattern matching (APM).

Using this service is absolutely convenient as it don’t require sign up at all. Just go to website, enter the title of your article and paste the whole content to the box below it. Make sure you check the agreement checkbox and click the Get Report button. Within seconds, the analysis completes showing the originality of your article, spelling, grammar and word choice suggestions with your style or writing and the use of vocabulary words. For teachers, this is very good to check if your student has copied their written article from anywhere.

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There are 2 restrictions found when trying our PaperRater which is it requires at least 330 words to analyze your paper. PaperRater also has a flood protection where if you analyzed it too quickly, you will have to wait for 300 seconds before you can continue.

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One Response to “PaperRater Offers Free Instant Online Proofreading with Grammar and Spelling Check”
  1. shannon says:

    I always skip to the last paragraph to tell the whole story, so the first thing I read on this site is “Using this service is absolutely convenient as it don’t require sign up at all”
    This is a grammar checking tool? It don’t?

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