PaperBus Provides Free Proxy Service to Access Blocked and Filtered Websites

April 8, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


Some countries such as China and Iran are very unfortunate to have a government that forces the Internet Service Provider to block and filter some websites to stop their users from accessing the websites. The internet filtering measures are taken to stop critical online opinion comes after a series of large anti-Japanese, anti-pollution and anti-corruption protests on forums, websites, blogs and etc.

If for some reasons you want to access the blocked websites or perhaps your ISP could have wrongly blocked a website that isn’t supposed to be blocked in the first place, you can either opt for open proxy or vpn. Open proxy is free but searching for a working one can take up a lot of time and as for VPN, it cost money. One of the easiest way to bypass blocked or filtered websites is by using PaperBus.

PaperBus is free and fast application that makes a tunnel between your web browser to a proxy located in the United States. Basically it is the same as using open proxy but PaperBus makes it easy so that you don’t need to set the proxy IP and port in the browser’s network settings. All you need to do is run PaperBus, click the ON button and launch your web browser.

PaperBus free proxy service

PaperBus currently is able to hook Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browser. If you are from China or Iran, you can choose the region information to have a better routing or else just select Other. The Filter tab in the Settings window allows you to specify the URLs you do not want PaperBus to proxy. PaperBus is a multi-platform application that can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download PaperBus


3 Responses to “PaperBus Provides Free Proxy Service to Access Blocked and Filtered Websites”
  1. Ige Olawale says:

    How can I use my phone network in my country to connect through paperBus application?

  2. nicholas says:

    pls i need the ip and port of peparbus in nigeria

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