Instantly Make Pencil Sketch from Any Photos Automatically

May 7, 2010

Good painters are able to use a pencil to sketch a person’s face or even a scenery to a drawing pad but even a person who can’t paint or draw can now provide a sketch based on a digital photo. This can be done instantly and automatically using a free software called Instant Photo Sketch.

Instant Photo Sketch can support many major image formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TIF and GIF. All you need to do is load the image to the program and drag the slider to adjust the level of detail. Moving the slider to the left for more detail and darker sketch and to the right for less detail and brighter sketch. The result looks exactly the same as the original photo except it is in pencil sketch. Clicking the Save button allows you to save the converted photo into either JPG or PNG format. It also has a zoom button for you to zoom the sketch

Convert Photo Pencil Sketch

Everything works as expected but the Edit menu seems to be incomplete as it doesn’t contain any function. Instant Photo Sketch is free to use and is able to run on Windows.

Download Instant Photo Sketch

Fix Internet Explorer 8 Problems by Resetting to Default Condition

May 7, 2010

Internet Explorer is part of Windows and there are third party applications that uses IE engine as a built-in web browser. However it can be easily misconfigured or corrupted since there are many settings in the Internet Options. Even spyware loves to hide in Internet Explorer thanks to BHO feature. Badly coded and unstable add-ons which can also contribute to problems in Internet Explorer.

If you encounter weird problems on Internet Explorer, one way to make sure that you didn’t get the settings wrong is by checking it with another computer but since there are many options, doing this will surely tire you out. One of the easiest way you can try if you encounter any problems on Internet Explorer is by resetting it to default settings with one click.

Although Microsoft advices that you should only reset internet explorer settings if your browser is in an unusable state, but we have tested it and it works perfectly. It doesn’t corrupt or touch anything on your Windows operating system but merely just disable toolbars and add-ons, resetting default web browser settings, privacy settings, security settings, advanced options, tabbed browsing settings and popup settings. You can even opt to delete personal settings so that you get a clean Internet Explorer.

To reset Internet Explorer, click Tools on the menubar, and go to Internet Options. Then go to Advanced tab and click the Reset button at the bottom of the Window. Enable the checkbox if you want to delete personal settings and click Reset to start the process. For changes to take effect, you will need to close Internet Explorer and reopen again. When you open IE the first time after resetting, the Set Up Windows Internet Explorer 8 window will open.

Login to Windows via Face Recognition Blink! Software

May 7, 2010

The normal way of logging in to Windows is via password and some laptops comes with fingerprint reader which enables the user to login using fingerprint. For the first time ever, Luxand has created a software called Blink! which allows user to login to computer using face recognition. This is a more convenient way of logging in compared to typing a password. The algorithm that has been implemented in the Blink! face recognition is very advanced up to a stage where it can even recognize that it is you even if you have a new haircut, swapped glasses for contacts, shave off beard and mustaches, applied makeup or dyed your hair, Blink! will let you in to your PC no matter what.

It is easy to implement face recognition login using Blink!. After installation, you will be asked to create a face template where you have to first look at the webcam, and then slowly turn your face from right to left and vice versa until Blink! completes creating the face template. Then you will need to key in the windows login password and it’s done.

Blink Face Recognition Windows Login

Before using Blink!, make sure that the user account is password protected. If the user didn’t set a password, Windows will automatically login bypassing the face recognition. Blink! is free and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 32bit only.

Download Luxand Blink!

Toggle Online and Offline Help for Windows 7 and Office 2010

May 6, 2010

In Windows 7, you can get documented help by clicking the Orb button and then select Help and Support which is located at the bottom right. A Windows Help and Support window will open allowing you to search for help topics. As for Microsoft Office 2010, clicking the question mark icon at the top right will also open a Help window specially for the particular office application.

If you didn’t know, there are two help methods which is the online and offline. The offline help is something like searching through help file that is saved locally onto your hard drive. This is much faster but can be outdated. To get latest help topics, you can toggle searching in Online Help which requires an active internet connection but it is slightly slower for users with slow connection since the information is pulled from Microsoft knowledge base servers.

By default Offline Help is selected and you can toggle to Online Help by clicking the Offline Help text at the bottom right of Windows Help and Support. Select Get online Help and you can start searching. As for Microsoft Office, it is very similar to Windows 7. At the bottom right of the Help window where it says Offline, click once and select Show content frmo

View Restricted Website by Cloacking as GoogleBot

May 6, 2010

Google is by far the best search engine ever today. Most people uses them to search for information they are looking for but some people uses technique that allows GoogleBot to crawl and index the page but when a real visitor gets in the page, they are either asked to sign up or register. This can be done by recognizing the header whenever anyone access the page. If the header tells the website that it is a web browser, then the visitor is forwarded to a registration page but if the header reports that it is a Google Bot or Yahoo Bot, then the website grants access.

To bypass the restriction, you will need to somehow fake the headers to tell websites that you are a Google Bot. Instead of hacking the web browser or installing any third party extension, you can easily access a webpage cloacking as Google Bot by using BeTheBot.

All you need to do is visit BeTheBot website, enter the URL that is restricted when you try to access but appears perfectly in Google search and click the Go button. A frame will open below with the webpage pretending that you are a Google Bot. If a restriction has been implemented, then you should be able to see the website content without registering.

Visit BeTheBot