Free Rising Antivirus 2010 9 Months License Full Download

April 21, 2010

Rising Antivirus is an antivirus security software made from China. The headquarters is in Beijing but it has branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and even Australia. Rising Antivirus is one of the most used antivirus with an estimated 50% of Chinese home users and it has also been previously bundled with Google Pack China. Their latest version of Rising Antivirus is 2010 and contains a lot of modules to protect a users computer against virus, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, worms, rootkit, adware and other malicious programs.

Rising Antivirus 2010 has an improved and easy to use user interface compared to the previous 2009 version. Major innovations in intelligent active defense have also been included such as the home mode comes with disk safe accessing, system reinforcement white list and application reinforcement. It has better scanning for removable devices and malicious behavior detection that checks the processes of users’ computers for potential malicious behavior, analyzes their behavior and blocks the harmful ones.

free Rising Antivirus 2010 license

Rising Antivirus normally cost $19.95 for 1 year subscription on 1PC but here is how you can get a free 9 months subscription. All you need to do is download the full installer setup file from the link at the end of this post and install. No Product Key and User ID is required to activate the program as it is pre-activated.


Free 90 Days BitDefender Internet Security 2010 Extendable License Key

April 20, 2010

BitDefender is a company that is famous for their antivirus software. The BitDefender Internet Security 2010 contains antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing, antispam, firewall, game mode, laptop mode, IM encryption, file vault, parental control and family network protection. It is basically an all in one security suite which is meant as a complete protection against threats from the Internet.

Free BitDefender Internet Security 2010 license key

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and normally cost $49.95 for 1 year subscription on 3PCs but here is how you can get your free 90 days license key which can be extended.

1. Visit
2. Click the button that says “Ma inscriu!”
3. Enter your name, e-mail and click the “Ma inscriu!” button
4. Check your mailbox and open the email from and click the aici word in the body to validate your account.
5. Fill up the form and click the Raspund! button. You would have to check at least one box for question number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. As for question number 5, simply type in anything in the box.
6. Check your email and you should receive another email from which containing the 20 digit activation number.
7. Download BitDefender Internet Security 2010, install and restart when prompted to.
8. When you see a registration wizard window, select I want to register BitDefender with a license key, copy and paste the key that you got from and click the Register Now button.

Tip: You can register as many license you want and paste it to the registration wizard window to extend your expiration date. Make sure you use a different email address each time you request for a new BitDefender Internet Security 2010 license key. You can access the Registration Wizard window by clicking on the Register Now at the bottom of the main interface.

TCP IP Manager Network Profile Software

April 16, 2010

Many people that brings laptop to work normally faces a problem in switching between network configurations because at home normally you can just set obtain this settings automatically using DHCP and it would work but in corporate networks, they probably require a more strict and specific configuration to allow the network administrator work easier. We have previously covered SwitchNetConfig, a free tool that lets you switch network configurations with a click.

We have discovered another similar application called TCP/IP Manager which does the same. You are able to save up to 10 network profiles which should be more than enough. As for TCP/IP settings, you can get configure which adapter to change and then the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server. Once you have your profile saved, you can easily switch by right clicking on the TCP/IP Manager icon at the system tray and select from the list. If you have 5 profiles, it will only show 5 on the list.

TCP IP Manager

The good thing about TCP/IP Manager is when it is running, it takes up very little memory, as low as few hundred K but never more than a MB. This application is free and runs on Windows.

Download TCP/IP Manager

Create Window Driver Pack Auto Installer with Double Driver

April 16, 2010

Searching and installing the drivers of devices in computer is the first thing that a person normally does after reformatting a computer and reinstalling a clean version of Windows. Without a working driver, the hardware wouldn’t function at all in Windows. Saving the drivers might be a problem for some people as it is seldom being used. One easy way to backup the current driver to make it into a driver pack auto installer is by using Double Driver.

The newly released Double Driver 4.0 contains a new engine that is faster and dependencies for 7-zip32.dll and msbvm60.dll are removed. The ability to backup non booting Windows’ drivers has been improved. You can plug in the hard drive to a working computer and then use Double Driver to scan for drivers by clicking the Scan Other System button and select the drive of the non live Windows.

Driver Pack Installer

The normal backing up and restoring process is very easy with Double Driver. After launching the program click Backup from the menu and then click the Scan Current System button. By default the third party drivers are selected and clicking the Backup Now button lets you select where to save the drivers and also in what output. The best output that we think would work best is the single file self extract which can auto restore the drivers without running the Double Driver.

Download Double Driver

Customize Folder Pictures and Icons in Windows 7 and XP

April 16, 2010

Here is another improvement on Windows 7 which allows you to customize any folder with picture background and also a custom icon. Windows XP can already support this but it does not have an easy way to do it and it has to be done using a hidden desktop.ini file with ExtShellFolderViews data. For Windows 7, to add a picture to the background, simply right click on the Folder and select Properties. Then go to Customize tab, click Choose File to set a picture as the folder background and Change Icon button to change the folder icon to something else.

For Windows XP, it won’t be as easy as Windows 7. However, you can also pretty much do the same similar to Windows 7 by using an application called Custom Folder or Folder Background. We are not sure which is the official name for this application because at the website it mentioned Custom Folder but the software title is Folder Background.

Customize Folder Background

Anyway, to create the desktop.ini which reflects the folder background and icon, run Custom Folder and select the Path that you want to change. Then click on the Picture icon to select the image to set as the folder background. If you want to set a custom color instead, click on the Color button. Finally the Icon button lets you set a custom icon for that folder. Click Save and a desktop.ini will be created.

Download Custom Folder