Portable Show Desktop Application for Windows 7

May 25, 2010

Microsoft realized the usefulness of Show Desktop shortcut icon and it isn’t really removed in Windows 7. By default Windows 7 comes with a Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar. However if Windows 7 users that misses the good old Show Desktop icon that you find in Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP, the easiest and fastest way to get it back is by pinning a portable Show Desktop application. RealityTouchDesign has created the application which really does nothing other than showing the desktop when clicking it once and then clicking it again brings back all the windows that was covering the desktop.

The Show Desktop application weighs less than 1MB of file size and once finished downloading, you can simply right click on the executable file and select Pin to Taskbar. The Show Desktop icon will now appear in the taskbar all the time and clicking on it will minimize all windows and brings you straight to desktop.

Show Desktop Windows 7

You can download Show Desktop from the link below and the file is compressed in RAR format. You can use 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the file.

Download Show Desktop

Remove Show Desktop in Windows 7 Taskbar

May 24, 2010

The Show Desktop icon from quick launch toolbar for previous versions of Windows such as XP is really useful and convenient. However when it comes to Windows 7, many users though that the Show Desktop feature is gone since the quick launch toolbar has been removed. However, it is in fact still available which is located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar after the time and date. You will see a small short bar and clicking on it will show the Desktop.

Windows 7 Show Desktop

This change by Microsoft has gotten a mixed reactions as some users complained that the Show Desktop is too far as a user normally stays around the Windows 7 start menu. If for some reason you do not want the Show Desktop button in Windows 7 showing in the bottom right of the taskbar, you can use the Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover to hide the button.

The Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a simple and portable tool which allows you do to just that, which is to remove or add show desktop button in Windows 7. By simply clicking a button on the tool, the changes is taken effect immediately without require to reboot.

Remove or Add Show Desktop in Windows 7

Download Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover

Automatic Enlarge Thumbnail Profile and Album Photos in Facebook

May 24, 2010

There are times when those small thumbnails shown in Facebook are just too small for you to identify if your friend’s friend is someone you know or not. Instead of clicking on the facebook user link to go to the user’s page and see the bigger profile photo, you can instead install Facebook PhotoZoom, a useful extension available for Firefox and Chrome browser.

After installing Facebook PhotoZoom extension, there is nothing for you to configure or do. Whenever you hover your mouse cursor to a profile picture or album photos, the tooltip will appear with the bigger image in it. If the image that the user uploaded is bigger than the thumbnail, then this plugin will show the full size of the image. Other than that, while viewing the photo album, it would be more productive when you use the Photo Zoom to view the images that you want in bigger size rather than going into the single image view. This allows you to skip the images that you want to see and load saving you time and bandwidth.

Facebook Thumbnail Zoom

The Google Chrome version of Facebook Photo Zoom has a shortcut key to easily toggle the feature on or off by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Z key.

Download Facebook PhotoZoom for FirefoxChrome

Use Google HTTPS SSL for Secure Search

May 24, 2010

Google search engine is the best in the world because of the complex algorithm of the index bot. Recently Google has SSL search which gives a more secure search. When a website is secured with SSL, the traffic that is sent and received from the website is encrypted and decrypting SSL is nearly impossible as it will take many many years to do crack it.

When you are in your company where your internet connection goes through a proxy server, the network administrator is able to tell what sites you have been and even probably what have you searched for. That includes cybercafe and your internet service provider. The packets that are sent without SSL is a clear traffic and can be easily decoded to view what you are trying to search.

Google Secure SSL HTTPS Search

Using Google SSL to search is easy and all you need to do is use HTTPS instead of HTTP at the URL address. For example, the normal google search engine is http://www.google.com and the secured SSL Google search would be https://www.google.com. Many other Google services such as Gmail, and Adsense can be used with HTTPS SSL as well.

Google SSL Search

Optimize and Compress Windows HOSTS File

May 24, 2010

Most if not all operating system comes with a HOSTS file. In Windows, the hosts file is without an extension and it is located in Windows\system32\drivers\etc. By default the hosts file is blank with a few lines of examples being commented out. The HOSTS file is used to manually map hostname to IP address but not the opposite. It is useful to block out unwanted websites such as advertisements or spyware. It would also be useful when a webmaster has changed the IP address of the server and needs to immediately have the changes.

HOSTS file can get very big and unoptimized if the file is too large which might contain duplicated entries and also unusably commented lines. HostsOptimizer is a free, portable and simple to use tool that optimizes the Windows hosts file by rearranging the content to a maximum of 9 host names in a single line, removing comments and disabled entries and searching for duplicate host names.

optimize compress hosts file

HostsOptimizer can automatically detect the location of your HOSTS file and allows you to backup your original hosts file before optimizing it. If for some reason HostsOptimizer corrupts the HOSTS file, it can be restored to the version before optimization.

Download HostsOptimizer