ErrorZilla Plus Troubleshoots Server Not Found in Firefox

April 23, 2010

Whenever you try accessing a website using Firefox and get the error Server Not Found, it advices you to check the address for typing error, check your computer’s network and make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web if you have firewall or proxy. The advices given don’t really help much and is quite useless. Thanks to ErrorZilla Plus extension, you can improve the Server Not Found page by adding extra functions to help you troubleshoot and determine what is the cause of the problem.

After installing ErrorZilla Plus extension on Firefox, whenever the website that you cannot access will still show Server not found but 8 buttons has been added to the page. The try again button lets you try to access the page again, google cache button to access the cached pages in Google search engine, coralize button to use Coral CDN proxy to connect again, wayback is to search for any earlier version of the page, ping, trace, whois and proxify.

ErrorZilla Plus

The ErrorZilla Plus preference window allows you to enable auto retry on interval, set a web proxy address. It gives you a convenience in troubleshooting unavailable websites without manually going to the websites and keying in the address.

Download ErrorZilla Plus

Mouseover YouTube Videos for Animated Preview in Chrome

April 22, 2010

YouTube is the main place where people upload videos immediately if they have anything special or interesting. One example is the Kevin Garnet that got into a fight in a basketball game and the video is uploaded on the same day that it happened. The problem with YouTube is it is flooded with too many videos and some of them are just fake videos trying to advertise their website. One easy way to preview and get to have an idea what the video is about is by using YouTube Thumbs extension for Google Chrome.

After installing the YouTube Thumbs extension, any time when you move your mouse cursor over to the video thumbnail, you get an animated preview of 3 thumbnails instead of a static image. This saves a lot of bandwidth and also offers speedy preview if compared to a real video preview. Short videos are with a minute or more are too short to have a video preview, hence the animated thumbnail preview is a great option.

YouTube Thumbs has no configuration at all. Just install the extension and it works right out of the box on YouTube website.

Download YouTube Thumbs

McAfee False Detection Update Quarantines svchost.exe

April 22, 2010

Antivirus are meant to protect a computer against virus but it can cause worldwide computer problems if they released an update with a false detection on a critical Windows system file. Every once in a while an antivirus will make a mistake by flagging a legitimate windows system file as a threat and automatically quarantines the file and subsequently causing the Windows unbootable. AVG, Kaspersky and Norton has done it before and the latest one is McAfee.

The file C:WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe contains the W32/Wecorl.a Virus.
Undetermined clean error, OAS denied access and continued.
Detected using Scan engine version 5400.1158 DAT version 5958.0000.

McAfee seems to detect svchost.exe, one of the critical Windows system file as a Wecorl virus. If you allow McAfee to quarantine the file, you will end up with a reboot loop where Windows automatically shuts down everytime windows is booted up. Fortunately only one specific version of Windows is affected which is Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

McAfee has posted an article on more information about this false positive and method to fix your computer. You can refer to this link

In short, you will need to boot in to Safe Mode with Networking, download and copy the extra.dat file to c:\program files\commonfiles\mcafee\engine, copy svchost.exe to C:\windows\system32\ and your computer will now work fine.

Detect File Corruption with File Read Test

April 22, 2010

Modern computers comes with a very large hard drive space which makes you save and backup even more files on the secondary partition. You may think that keeping the files untouched on the backup partition may be safe but you may never know if they are ever secretly modified or corrupted due to improper shutdown of computer. Manually testing each file for corruption by opening them is very time consuming. One easy method to test all of the backup files whether it is readable or not is by using File Read Test.

File Read Test is a simple and portable application that runs on Java which is able to test the readability of the files on the path that you chosen. It does not tell you if the file is modified and only tells you if the file can be read or not. One example is if your hard drive has started to develop bad sector and if the file is located at the bad sector, the file will not be readable and it will trigger an alert on this program.

Test File Read Corruption

We have tested this tool and it works great. All you need to do is select the drive to test or the path of the file or directory and click the Start Test button. It may not work well on the partition where Windows is installed because it will stop with an error on hiberfil.sys. If the file cannot be accessed or blocked because of permission settings, File Read Test will halt.

Download File Read Test

Download EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.60 with Free License Key Code

April 22, 2010

EVEREST is one of the best system profiling software that is able to tell you nearly everything about a computer. There are two editions of EVEREST which is the Corporate and Ultimate. Basically the corporate version of EVEREST is more suitable to be used on network for network audit, system diagnostics, change management, license management, and overall IT administration. As for the Ultimate edition, it is a complete PC diagnostics software utility that assists you while installing, optimizing or troubleshooting your computer by providing all the information you can think of about your system.

We have previously shared with you a tip on how to obtain a free EVEREST Corporate Edition v4.60 product key. Here is another tip on how you can download EVEREST Ultimate Edition with a free license key code.

1. Visit
2. Fill up the form and click the Senden button.
3. Check your email and you should get an email from Open the email and click the Bestätigungslink link. The EVEREST Ultimate key will arrive in your mailbox within 30 minutes.
4. Download EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.60 and install.
5. Run EVEREST Ultimate and enter the license key that you received to activate the software.

Be noted that EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.60 is not the latest current version and it will provide inaccurate results for newer computers.