Auto Decode Shorten Links and Preview Full URL in Chrome

April 28, 2010

There are many URL shortening services that can be used for free to transform really long URL into a very short one. Some of the popular ones are bitly, tinyurl, and etc. As useful as it is, sometimes these URL cloaking services can be annoying because you could end up opening the same website that you’ve opened before since you don’t know the original URL until you open it.

If you are a Google Chrome user, the good news is you can install a small extension called View Thru which is able to decode the shortened URL and show a small popup preview of the full URL together with the page title. View Thru currently supports,,,,,,,, and After installing the View Thru extension, there is nothing to configure or do. Just browse the web as normal and if you see any shortened links, simply move your mouse cursor over it and a tooltip will appear.

Decode Short URLs

The best place to test whether it is working for you or not is Twitter. Since all links that are posted in twitter will be shortened, you will definitely find some there because there are new tweets every seconds.

Download View Thru

Free Dr.Web Anti-virus v6.0 Serial Number License

April 28, 2010

Dr.Web is the first Russian antivirus software which was first released on 1992. It is even earlier than the famous Kaspersky antivirus which was founded on 1997. The software offers a wide range of anti-virus and anti-spam solutions and is used by Yandex, Russia’s biggest search provider, to scan e-mail attachments. There is also a Firefox add-on for checking links with online version of Dr. Web. The desktop home version of its security software is called Dr.Web anti-virus 6.0 and includes anti-rootkit, anti-spyware, shield, SpIDer-Mail components. It doesn’t have a main graphical user interface to control the components but everything can be controlled from the system tray icon by right clicking on it.

Download free Dr.Web antivirus 6

Dr.Web antivirus 6.0 1 year for 1 PC license normally cost €21.84 but you can grab a free legitimate license by following the steps below.

1. Visit

2. Complete the form. The page is in Chinese and you can use Google Translator to translate the page. The first box is for entering a username, second and third box for password, fourth box is email, as for the fifth box (QQ), enter any number and finally fill up the random code that is displayed and click the button on the right.

3. After the page finished refreshing, click on the image that looks like the one below.
Request Dr Web license

4. You will need to fill up the 15 questions survey by selecting the buttons. Click the button at the bottom of the page when finished selecting the answers. Your personalized Dr.Web antivirus 6.0 serial number will be generated.

5. Download Dr.Web Antivirus 6.0, install and use the serial number to activate the program by converting it into a license key file.

Download Webroot Window Washer 2010 v6.5.5 Full Version for Free

April 28, 2010

Whenever you start using your computer, you are actually revealing a lot of personal information. The websites that you visit, the auto complete data that you type in to the text boxes, software that you installed, chat logs, files downloaded and many more. Caches are meant to make things easier and faster for a Windows user but overtime it can also pose as a privacy threat if a hacker or another user uses the computer.

Most applications allows you to clear the history data from the program options but it won’t be an easy job if you have installed many third party software plus Windows also has traces of what you have done on the computer. Encryption is pretty useless even if you protect your files because the temporary files that are frequently stored on your computer do not contain any encryption.

Download Window Washer 2010

One easy way to delete any or all of these traces of your activity is by using Webroot Window Washer. When you run Window Washer the first time, it detects programs and paths that it can safely clean and by going to the Wash tab and click the Start button, it takes merely seconds to wash off your internet tracks and other traces of recent computer activity left by Windows and other software. It is possible to schedule for auto washing and also free space washing.

Webroot Window Washer 2010 v6.5.5 normally cost $29.95 for 1 year on 1PC but you can download the full setup installer at the link below. No registration key code require to activate the program since it is a full version.

Download Webroot Window Washer 2010

Free Digital Patrol Regname and Product Key License

April 28, 2010

Malwares are classified into multiple types such as virus, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, rootkit, bootkit and etc. Normally there are two types of security products which one of it is a full suite of antivirus which protects against all types of malware and the other type is an antispyware which aims to detect and clean spyware, trojan and adware. One of a good and effective antispyware program is Digital Patrol.

Digital Patrol by NictaTech Software is able to detect and eliminate more than 1.2 million trojan horses, spywares, viruses, worms, malicious ActiveX controls and java applets. Other than that, it also makes a heuristic analysis of files to detect new, previously unknown viruses and trojans. The latest Digital Patrol 5.2 build 24 is compatible with Windows 95 up to the current Windows 7.

Digital Patrol user interface is very simple with only a few buttons to start/pause/stop the scan after selecting the path. It does not seem to provide a real time protection which is good since it can be integrated and used together with other antivirus program.

Free Digital Patrol Product Key

A single computer user license of Digital Patrol for 1 year cost $19.95 but during this whole month of April, they are giving out free license to everyone who request it from their website. You must hurry because you only have 3 more days to request for the free Digital Patrol license.

1. Visit
2. Make sure you enter real information because nicknames will not be accepted and the free license application will be rejected. You should receive the license within 24 hours because every license request are manually processed.
3. Download Digital Patrol and install.
4. Enter the Regname and Product Key, make sure that automatic activation mode is selected and click Next

Download Plugin and Start Voice or Video Chat from Gmail

April 28, 2010

Gmail has a convenient realtime chat which allows you to talk to another person from your web browser without downloading and installing Google Talk. You can turn on the chat by clicking the “Turn on chat” hyperlink at the bottom of the Gmail. One of the latest enhancement Google has done to their free email Gmail is adding a real-time voice or video chat directly from your web browser. All you need to do is have a web browser, and voice/video plugin and a Gmail account.

There is a restriction in using the Google video chat which is both sides must have a Gmail account and logged in to Gmail, iGoogle or orkut chat. Then both users must download the plugin, install it for the web browser, and login to their Gmail account. Finally click on the user’s name, then click on Video & more which will allow you to either Start voice chat or Start video chat.

Google Voice and Chat

The Google voice and video chat plugin is not operating system independent, meaning you would have to install a separate plugin for every web browser that you use. If you installed the Google video chat plugin in Google Chrome, it will only work in Chrome but not other browser such as Firefox. Currently the Google Voice and Video Chat plugin only available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. Opera is not yet supported.

Download Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin