Remove and Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

May 3, 2010

When you have entered a Microsoft Office product key, there is no way in the program that you can view, change or even remove it. The Office product key is encrypted and installed to Windows registry. Remembering registry paths are annoying because they can be very long and there are probably hundreds of them which you need to remember. To easily remove Office product key from a Windows computer, you can use the portable application called Office Key Remover.

Office Key Remover is a small, portable, simple and free application that runs on .NET Framework, allowing you to remove the licensing information of Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on 32Bit and 64Bit systems with one click.

Office Key Remover

If you are not sure what version of Microsoft Office is installed on your computer, clicking on all 4 buttons to remove Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010 will surely delete any Microsoft Office license on your computer. After removing an existing office key, you will be prompted to enter a 25 characters product key when you launch any of the Office software such as Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint.

Download Office Key Remover

Auto Search and Display Lyrics in Windows Media Player

May 3, 2010

A PC user that listens to mp3 on computer has an average of at least a few hundreds of songs. Music lovers normally searches for lyrics which can be found for free on many lyrics websites. If you are only looking for the lyrics on a few songs, then it wouldn’t be a problem but if you would like to sing every song that is being played on your computer, then it will be a tedious task to search for the lyrics.

If you are using Windows Media Player or Winamp to play MP3, then you can install a small Lyrics Plugin which auto searches and displays the lyrics for the song that is played.

Windows Media Player Lyrics

Lyrics Plugin is just superb. We have tested it and the lyrics appeared instantly when I click the play button for a MP3. There is also no configuration at all that you need to touch. The only con is you will need an active internet connection to download the lyrics and it does not have the ability to cache or save the lyrics. It searches for lyrics based on the ID3 tags and if it is empty, lyrics are not displayed and you can add it to the list by clicking the Configure link.

Download Lyrics Plugin

Change Screen Resolution on Computer Monitor with Hotkey

May 3, 2010

Normally a user doesn’t need to change the screen resolution once it is set to the level that is most comfortable to the user. However if you need to frequently change screen resolution, it can be troublesome and annoying as well since you have to do it by right clicking the desktop, select Screen resolution from the menu, and then click on the drop down menu for Resolution and move the slider upwards or downwards and click OK.

One easy way to automate switching between screen resolution is by using HotKey Resolution Changer. It is written with AutoIt so you can always grab the source code and modify it to your liking. Running Hotkey Resolution Checker will automatically detect all supported resolution for your monitor and those below 800 x 600 are removed from the list.

Hotkey Resolution Changer

Any settings or changes you made on HRC are saved into an .ini file. HRC supports up to a maximum of 9 hotkeys and you can configure the resolution, screen refresh rate and colors. All you need to do is click on the Change button, press the Hotkey that you would like to use and click the Set button. That hotkey will be effective for the first resolution that you’ve set. HotKey Resolution Changer is free and is a single portable executable file that is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system.

Download Hotkey Resolution Changer

Switch Edition for Windows 7 ISO Image

May 3, 2010

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 is no longer “One Disc To Rule Them All”, which presents challenges to people who are downloading multiple editions from their MSDN or TechNet subscriptions, and for people who want to backup and archive their ISOs, because instead of just two disc images–one each for 32-bit and
64-bit–there are now eight different images. This creates an unnecessary strain on bandwidth when downloading, wastes space when archiving, and wastes time in general.

Fortunately, the images are all extremely similar, differing only in a handful of bytes, so it is possible to create a binary patch that converts an image of one type into an image of another type. With Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher, we can easily switch between Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Starter and Ultimate edition for 32bit of Windows 7 and Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate for 64-bit.

Simply run binpatcher.exe file, select the patch file for the target edition that you want and finally select the ISO disc image that you want to convert. The final patched file should be exactly identical to what you would have gotten had you downloaded the file directly from Microsoft, and you should verify that the hashes for the patched files match those posted on Microsoft’s website. For your convenience, a copy of the official hashes, in the standard sha1sum format, has been included.

Download Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher

Remove EI.CFG File to Create Windows 7 Universal Installation DVD

May 3, 2010

If you are a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, you would have noticed that there are different ISO for each edition of Windows 7. If you want to test them out, you will have to download each ISO and the size of every ISO is bigger than 2GB. There is a better way by making the Windows 7 ISO image to become a universal installation DVD. It is similar like Vista installation DVD where it allows you to select the edition that you would like to install.

1. Run eicfg_remover.exe
2. Browse the Windows 7 ISO image file and hit Enter
3. Wait for a few seconds until you get a confirmation window saying ei.cfg removed.

Now you can burn the modified Windows 7 ISO image to a DVD and start up the computer with it. During the early stages of Windows 7 installation, you will get a window option that allows you to select which edition of Windows 7 you would like to install. You can choose Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. You can easily restore back the ei.cfg into the Windows 7 ISO by running eicfg_remover.exe, select the file and it will automatically restore it back if it didn’t find any ei.cfg file.

Windows 7 Installation Edition

This removal and restoration of ei.cfg in Windows ISO is done without physically deleting the file from the ISO which saves time and resources. It simply toggles the deletion bit in the UDF file table which instructs the operating system to ignore the ei.cfg file and treat it as if it does not exist.

Download ei.cfg Removal Utility