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April 16, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


A photographer normally ends up with tons of photos in their computer and if not regularly maintained, the photos will end up everywhere and it is not going to be easy to search for the photos you wanted. If you normally save all your photos into one folder, you can easily organize it by moving them to the appropriate folder based on year, month and if possible date. An unmodified photo normally maintains the EXIF data where it saves the “Date Taken” value in the photo itself. Manually checking on the photo EXIF details is going to take you days to finish doing it.

You can try using Adebis Photo Sorter to automatically create folders based on year, month and date and move the photos to the appropriate folders. First you select the source of where the photos are located and you can set it to crawl subfolders too. And then set the destination of where you want the photos to move to. The subfolder drop down selection allows you to set whether the photos based on the date structure. There is filters for you to set the specific date and also file types.

Sort and Organize Photos

We have tested this application and it works only on untouched and unmodified photo. If the photo has been previously edited with Adobe Photoshop or any other similar photo editing software, then Adebis Photo Sorter doesn’t copy the photo to the structure. Adebis Photo Sorter works on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/2003/NT4/XP/Vista/7

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