Organize All Your Files by Cataloging with Disk Explorer Professional 3

March 6, 2010 | Filed under Software


A normal computer user that just uses computer to browse the Internet doesn’t really make use of the search feature in Windows. But for power user that is more serious about their work on the computer surely contains a lot of files and folders on the computer and sometimes searching for a particular file is tough, not to mention duplicated files that are wasting the hard drive space. The Windows search feature is somehow not good enough because it’s slow and doesn’t contain enough functions to search more in detail.

The best and fastest way to organize all your files so that you can search files faster is by cataloging them. First you need a powerful tool to catalog your files such as Disk Explorer Professional 3. After installation it will prompt you to create a catalog file with the .ded extension. Then you get to add volume, which is your hard drive or partition for the program to start scanning and update the database catalog with all your file’s properties. Adding a volume the first time can take a few minutes to scan everything but after that the updating of volume takes only seconds.

Organize files by cataloging

Files and folders can be searched in the database even if the original media (or Internet connection for FTP servers) is not currently available and this works really fast. Using an average computer, you can find your file even faster than you would insert a CD disc into a drive. Searching can be done using various criteria, such as file name wildcards, substring, regular expression, date, time, file attributes. Comments generated by filters can be searched as well.

Despite all this features databases are very small. Most of the data is compressed. If you wish to send a database to your friend by e-mail, you may remove all unnecessary data from it, such as included file content or image thumbnails. User interface of Disk Explorer is very user-friendly and quite similar to Windows Explorer, therefore virtually anybody can learn it very quickly.

If you have tons of files, and manage them a lot in Windows, you will surely need Disk Explorer Professional 3. Don’t let the “professional” in the program name fool you, this app is absolutely free.

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