Optimize and Compress Windows HOSTS File

May 24, 2010 | Filed under Software


Most if not all operating system comes with a HOSTS file. In Windows, the hosts file is without an extension and it is located in Windows\system32\drivers\etc. By default the hosts file is blank with a few lines of examples being commented out. The HOSTS file is used to manually map hostname to IP address but not the opposite. It is useful to block out unwanted websites such as advertisements or spyware. It would also be useful when a webmaster has changed the IP address of the server and needs to immediately have the changes.

HOSTS file can get very big and unoptimized if the file is too large which might contain duplicated entries and also unusably commented lines. HostsOptimizer is a free, portable and simple to use tool that optimizes the Windows hosts file by rearranging the content to a maximum of 9 host names in a single line, removing comments and disabled entries and searching for duplicate host names.

optimize compress hosts file

HostsOptimizer can automatically detect the location of your HOSTS file and allows you to backup your original hosts file before optimizing it. If for some reason HostsOptimizer corrupts the HOSTS file, it can be restored to the version before optimization.

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