Open Direct Image Link in Google Images from Chrome

March 23, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google, Imaging


Google Images is one of the best image search engine thanks to the clever search bot algorithm. The search page is very simple, just like the normal Google Search and typing a keyword and hitting the enter key will instantly show you the results with 6-7 images in a row of 3 rows. Clicking on the image will only bring you to the original page with a Google Images Search frame on top and not the direct image link. If you want to leech that image, you will need to either search for the image at the lower frame or click the “See full size image” link at the top frame.

Google Chrome has a useful extension called clickGOOGLEview that totally removes the redirection of the original link, saving you bandwidth, mouse click and time. Basically there is nothing to do after installing the extension. Just search for images like how you normally search, and when the search result appears, you will notice that the link to the thumbnail images are direct links to the original image. You can click on the image to open the direct image link or right click on it to copy the image link address.

Google Images Direct Link

Downloiad clickGOOGLEview

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