Online Synchronize Game Settings and Saved Game Data

May 20, 2010 | Filed under Games, Software


We have previously covered a tool called GameSave Manager where you can use to backup and restore the saved game. Losing the saved game is something that you cannot afford because you would have probably spent many hours to get there you are now in the game. Starting the game all over again is just a waste of time and motivation. GameSave Manager only allows backing up saved game data locally and here is another application which is even better.

GameAnywhere is able to synchronize game saved data and your game settings as well. This is useful if you have a bunch of key bindings and it can be restored whenever you reinstall the game. You can sync the game from your computer to a USB flash drive or vice versa. Other than that, another special feature is it supports online game backup which means you can store your saved data online and if you go to a cybercafe, you can restore your game like your home computer.

Online Game Backup Synchronize

It is able to automatically detect the game that is installed on the computer, portable which doesn’t require installatation, add custom games if it is not support and most importantly it is free and open source. GameAnywhere requires .NET Framework 3.5 and above to run and support Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download GameAnywhere


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  1. Gerald says:

    One additional note: you need to run the program from thumb drive to synchronize to thumb drive.

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