NTFSLinksView Shows Junction and Symbolic Links in Vista and 7

April 9, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


If you didn’t know, some of the internal paths in Windows XP has been changed when comes to Windows Vista and 7. One example is the Documents and Settings folders in XP has been changed to Users folder. This can be a compatibility problem for applications that are written for older versions of Windows to work on the newer Windows such as Vista and 7. To fix this problem, Microsoft uses symbolic links and junction points of NTFS file system in order to make changes in the folders structure of Windows.

Currently there are no way to view the symbolic links and junction points in Windows and you will need a third party utility to do it. One of such tool is NTFSLinksView which is a free and portable tool that can be ran without any installation or dependency. When you run NTFSLinksView, the main window displays the list of all NTFS symbolic links/junction points in your profile folder. If you want to view the NTFS links in other folders, simply type the folder path in the top text-box and press enter (or click the ‘Go’ button).


Although NTFSLinksView can run on Windows XP but it would not show any junction links or symbolic links since this feature has only been added to Windows Vista and above.

Download NTFSLinksView

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