Norton Safe Web to Detect Facebook Scam

April 26, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Security


Facebook is the most active social website on the Internet today and when something that is free gets too famous, that is where the internet threats are going to strike. Just like the koobface worm where it spams the user’s wall of the facebook and friends will think that you are trying to share something which ends up clicking on it and probably get infected too. There are also scams going on in Facebook and one of them is the recent Farm Town scam. The upcoming Norton 2011 products will come with Norton Safe Web which acts similarly like WoT or AVG LinkScanner to scan for malicious links.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook will be made free for everyone to use and this service is not computer dependent. If you have added the application to your Facebook profile, it will work on any computer that you used to login to your Facebook account.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook

You get a report of the scan with numbers showing Safe, Warning and Untested, which you can choose to share on your Facebook Wall. This free Norton Safe Web for Facebook application is still in BETA and you can activate the protection for your Facebook account by visiting the link below and click Go to application button.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook

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