NetMeter Monitors Wireless Broadband Limited Bandwidth Usage

March 7, 2010 | Filed under Software


Wireless broadband are convenient as it allows you to go online anytime and anywhere except that it is sometimes unstable and most importantly, there are bandwidth limit unless you pay more to get the most expensive package that doesn’t have limit cap. Wireless broadband are being advertised as unlimited internet which is true but what happens when a user has reached the bandwidth limit? The simple answer to that is the bandwidth speed will be capped to a very speed, probably as slow as a dial up connection. I would say that checking webmails would be fine but even downloading mails to Outlook might be a problem because some attachments are really huge.

There are only 3 things you can do: 1, pay more money to remove the cap, 2, wait until the 30 day period is up to reset the cap or 3, watch your bandwidth usage every day and make sure you never use more than what you are supposed to.

NetMeter is a handy network software that will monitor your bandwidth. NetMeter can be considered a small, yet comprehensive and customizable network bandwidth monitoring application. Realtime bandwith monitoring was never easier. You can view your current upload and download usage, with daily, weekly and monthly reports. It also comes with a nice small meter to show you your upload and download in bar graph. NetMeter only monitors your total bandwidth usage and nothing else. It cannot show you what process is using what speed rate and etc. The latest version 1.1.4 beta is also made open source and might be also the last version that will be released by the developer of NetMeter.

NetMeter Monitors Wireless Bandwidth usage

This tool works on XP, Vista and 7. You should definitely give NetMeter a try since it takes very little memory usage and no memory leak at all.

Download NetMeter

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