Multiple Standalone Mozilla Firefox Version Collection

March 16, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Firefox


Mozilla Firefox web browser is the most used browser today because it is well known for its speed and also the big amount of extensions which allows the browser to do much more than browsing websites. If for some reason you want to test between multiple versions of Mozilla Firefox, maybe you are an extension developer and would like to check the compatibility, or you might want to test the speed difference between all the versions of Firefox browser, you can of course install Firefox at different folders and they would all be sharing the same profile.

To simplify having multiple Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, you can just download and install a single Mozilla Firefox Collection setup file which installs multiple standalone versions of the free web browser Mozilla Firefox, so they can be used at the same time.

Multiple Mozilla Firefox

The current version of Mozilla Firefox Collection v1.0.0.7 contains the following:

* Mozilla Firefox
* Mozilla Firefox
* Mozilla Firefox
* Mozilla Firefox
* Firebug 1.5.3 add-on
* Web Developer 1.1.8 add-on
* Flash Player plug-in

The extra addons and plugin can be deselected from installation. After installation, you can run the version of Firefox that you like from the desktop or start menu. You can run between different versions of Firefox simultaneously unlike the normal Firefox where you can only run one version.

Download Mozilla Firefox Collection

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