MoveOut Auto Move Files From Source to Destination

March 18, 2010 | Filed under Software


To move a file in Windows, you can do so by right clicking on that file or folder, select cut and then again right click at the destination where you want to move the file and select Paste. With a small utility call MoveOut, it is possible to automatically move files into folders without the user intervention.

MoveOut is a portable tool and the only thing that you probably need to do is set up the rules which consist of the source and target. Source is the folder where you want the files to be moved and target is where the files should be moved to. You can specify file types but if you want all, then just put in *.*

Auto Move Files to Directory

It is also possible to filter out files that you won’t want MoveOut to move the file into directory. Finally there is an option whether MoveOut will automatically overwrite, ask or rename when there is a file with the same name. At the Options tab, by default MoveOut scans every 3 seconds and that can be configured. It can also set to show status in the tray and configure it to auto start with Windows.

There is a small bug in MoveOut. It move files without problems but if there is a folder or directory in the source folder, you will get a popup window showing the target and source path and nothing else. The annoying window will continue to show at every interval you set until you remove the folder from the source directory or disable the program. If it cannot move directory, it also means that MoveOut can only move files that is located in the source path but can’t process the sub directories.

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