Mouseover YouTube Videos for Animated Preview in Chrome

April 22, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


YouTube is the main place where people upload videos immediately if they have anything special or interesting. One example is the Kevin Garnet that got into a fight in a basketball game and the video is uploaded on the same day that it happened. The problem with YouTube is it is flooded with too many videos and some of them are just fake videos trying to advertise their website. One easy way to preview and get to have an idea what the video is about is by using YouTube Thumbs extension for Google Chrome.

After installing the YouTube Thumbs extension, any time when you move your mouse cursor over to the video thumbnail, you get an animated preview of 3 thumbnails instead of a static image. This saves a lot of bandwidth and also offers speedy preview if compared to a real video preview. Short videos are with a minute or more are too short to have a video preview, hence the animated thumbnail preview is a great option.

YouTube Thumbs has no configuration at all. Just install the extension and it works right out of the box on YouTube website.

Download YouTube Thumbs

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