Monitor Website Updates or Changes using Update Scanner for Firefox

March 16, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Most websites implements RSS Feeds or Atom for visitors to easily check for updates on a website. The good thing about using RSS feeds is that even if some part of the website has changed either added or removed, as long as it doesn’t have new content, it won’t notify the user. Unfortunately some websites doesn’t have RSS feed or Atom and the only way to automatically check for updates without manually opening the website is by using a software to check and scan the whole website for changes.

If you are a Firefox user, you can install a useful extension called Update Scanner that is able to automatically monitor web pages for updates. Once detected updates, the plugin shows a popup and sound notification to inform the user about the updates. The changes are highlighted in yellow and it is possible to view the old and new page since it saves the cache locally.

To add a page to scan for updates, the user can just right click on the page and select “Scan Page for Updates”. The title and URL is added automatically and the user can set how often to autoscan for updates and also the change threshold where if there is more than 100 characters changes on the page, then only it will notify the page updated. The color of the changes can also be changed to a different color although the best would be just yellow which is used as default.

Website Update Checker

Update Scanner extension is meant for simple usage because it lacks of sending email as notification which could be tied up with Mail to SMS service and receive the update as SMS text notification.

Download Update Scanner

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