Monitor Shared Folders and Log Access Details

April 1, 2010 | Filed under Software


Sharing a folder is easy and convenient to transfer files between computers in a network but we can end up forgetting to unshare the shared folder and cause unauthorized users to peep at what files are being shared. Fortunately Windows has a feature to monitor for open shared folders, sessions and open files.

You can do this from Computer Management. Right click My Computer, select Manage. Then on the left pane, click on Shared Folders. The Shares shows you folders that are currently shared, Sessions shows you if any user is connected to your shared folders and finally the Open Files shows you what files are being access by the user. The only difference is there is no logging and once the user is disconnected, you won’t know if he or she has ever connected to your computer and accessed your files.

To log the connections and share folder access details, you can use ShareMonitor, a free and portable application that allows you to monitor any access to your network shared files. When a user remotely opens shared files on your computer, application detects it and displays information such as who opened it, when it was opened, duration, etc. about that file. All details will be logged and can be saved to .CSV or .XML files for further analysis.

Monitor Shared Folders and Log Connections

The only gripe we have on ShareMonitor is that it doesn’t show the IP address or computer name of the user that is connected to the shared folders. It can tell you when and where but not who. There is also a lack of alarm notification feature where it alerts the user when someone is accessing the shares.

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