Monitor Memory and CPU Usage on Software

March 12, 2010 | Filed under Software


Although you can find a lot of programs on the Internet that are doing the same thing, but the performance and the load that it puts on the computer is entirely different because every programmer writes the source code differently. Expert programmers tends to write codes that are more tidy and straight forward which makes the program performs faster without taking a lot of memory. Most software source code remains closed unless it is open source. Even if you can get the source code, it doesn’t mean you know how to read them to see how efficient it is.

The easier way to know if the program takes up more memory and cpu usage than the other software, just use Kiwi Application Monitor. There are two versions of this program which is the free and paid. The free one provides basic statistics and rules compared to the paid one which gives advanced statistics.

monitor application cpu and memory usage

It is easy to use Kiwi to monitor a process on how much load it puts on the computer. Just install, click the Add button and you can either browse the executable file that you want to monitor or just click the Process Explorer to choose the process if it is already running. There are other useful features such as setting the process priority class and boost for the process. It is also possible to set the maximum allowed memory for the program to use.

Download Kiwi Application Monitor

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