Monitor CPU, Memory and Network Usage from Windows 7 Taskbar

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


The new Windows 7 taskbar is really awesome. Microsoft has made it in a way that a lot of third party software can interact with it and provide information view without even opening the program. It is possible to monitor the percentage of CPU, memory and network usage directly from Windows 7 taskbar, as long as it is running and minimized but not closed and pinned.

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor is a free and small program that when run, it shows the percentage and bar of usage for CPU, memory and network. When you run it, you can only select one of the feature to monitor but you can run multiple instances, select the different usage to monitor and keep it minimize. It works best if you set the taskbar buttons to never combine so that the multiple Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor won’t get combined together.

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor

Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor does not take much CPU usage to keep it running but it does eat up a lot of memory usage. A single process takes up 25MB from memory and that is quite a lot. Running 3 of it to show all CPU, Memory and Network takes up a whopping 75MB of memory. It is however open source and you can use the code to check out how it works.

Download Windows 7 Taskbar Monitor

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