Monitor and Selectively Delete History for Internet Explorer

May 18, 2010 | Filed under Internet Explorer, Software


Every web browser has the capability of logging the list of websites that has been visited and it is called history. It is meant as a convenient so that the user doesn’t need to type the whole address and can easily access it by clicking on the address bar drop down button. Other than that, parents can also use it to monitor what website has their children visited although it is not a good method as it can be easily erased. When it comes to monitoring, exporting and selectively deleting history for Internet Explorer browser, one of a good third party tool to use is IE History Monitor.

As what we have tested, it doesn’t really monitor the histories but instead if displays all the visited website history at a clean interface with the title, url, last visited, last updated and expired columns. The links can be copied, opened or even selectively deleted from the program via right click. Finally, it can be exported as a log file to an external HTML for further inspection or recordings.

Internet Explorer History Monitor

IE History Monitor last revised 5 years ago but it worked perfectly on Internet Explorer at Windows 7 32bit. It is free and portable which doesn’t require installation.

Download IE History Monitor

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