Monitor and Limit uTorrent Bandwidth Usage with Transfer Cap

March 13, 2010 | Filed under Internet, Software


Most computer users that knows how to use BitTorrent to download movies usually are mad downloaders. Their computer is never shut down and its turned on 24 hours a day and continually downloading non stop. If the user is not sharing the internet connection or do not have an internet plan with limited usage, then it’s fine. But if the internet line is shared, the other users will be affected by the tremendously slow internet speed. For those with wireless broadband where the plans normally have limited bandwidth usage, uTorrent 2.0 new feature Transfer Cap is able to prevent your internet from being overused and leading to bandwidth cap.

What uTorrent Transfer Cap does is it monitors all incoming and outgoing (uploaded or downloaded) bandwidth usage usage and shows you the data. You can configure uTorrent to stop downloading or uploading when it reaches how much bandwidth in how many days.

uTorrent Bandwidth usage monitoring

For example, if your ISP gives only 20GB of usage every 30 days, then you should probably enable uTorrent transfer cap for 10-15GB in 20 days so at least you still have 5-10GB left to use in the remaining 10 days before your lines gets capped and slows down like dial up connection. This transfer cap only monitors internet bandwidth usage and local network usage such as transferring files from one computer to another on the same network are ignored.

If you haven’t upgrade to the latest uTorrent 2.0, you can get it from the link below. You can access the Transfer Cap settings in uTorrent by going to Options in menu bar and go to Preferences. Click on the Transfer Cap at the left pane.

Download uTorrent

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