Minimize Opened and Running Programs to System Tray

April 15, 2010 | Filed under Software


There are two shortcut keys you can use to easily hide all running programs and opened folders in Windows. The first one is Win+M which minimizes everything to the taskbar and the second one is Win+D which is meant to show the desktop by minimizing all opened programs. Basically both hotkey does the same thing and you can see combination is more comfortable to use.

However this command only minimizes to the taskbar which is still pretty visible and clear for other people to know what website you are on, or what folder/software is opened. One way to hide the current active window or application is by using Minime. Minime is a small, free and portable application that allows you to hide a program to the Minimi icon at system tray with a hotkey. By default Ctrl+Shift+Z is to hide the active window and Ctrl+Shift+A is to show the hidden window.

Hide Active Window to System Tray

There is a command to show all the windows by right clicking on the Minime icon at the system tray and select Show All. It currently lacks of a Hide All command which acts like a boss key where you can hide all opened and running programs with a hotkey. We felt that Minime is meant for hiding the active running window rather than adding a new minimize to system tray feature because the program that is minimized to system tray does not have its own icon but instead it is hidden inside the Minime’s icon.

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