Merge and Sync Bookmarks Between Different Browsers with Xmarks

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Xmarks is the most useful and powerful bookmark synchronizer which can sync, merge or combine bookmarks from different web browsers, computer and operating system. Currently Xmarks has synced and backed up more than 1 billions of bookmarks, so you know how popular and also famous Xmarks is. Here is one example, you have a Windows computer running Internet Explorer with a set of bookmarks and you have another computer running Ubuntu with Google Chrome with a different set of bookmarks. Now having two different sets of bookmarks from different web browser and operating system may seem to be a problem in merging them but with Xmarks, everything can be done easily and automatically.

To merge and synchronize the bookmarks from different web browser, all you need to do is install the Xmark plugin for the browsers that you want your bookmarks backed up and merged. If take the above scenario of Firefox and Chome, you install Xmarks extension for Chome, and sign up for a free account. Then sync the bookmarks so that your bookmarks will be available online in Xmarks.

Now install Xmarks extension for Firefox and login with the same account that you have created. Xmarks will automatically detect that there is data on your account and will ask you if you want to merge the data, keep or discard. Select the first one “Merge data on the server with data on this computer”.

Combine bookmarks cross browsers

Now you Xmarks account has the merged bookmark data. To have the latest merged bookmark on your Chrome browser, click the Xmarks icon and select Synchronize Now. You will notice that your bookmarks in Chrome contains the ones that is in Firefox. You can do the same in Firefox to have Chrome bookmarks synced over.

Xmarks is free and compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Unfortunately currently there is no Xmarks for Opera yet.

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