MediaSpider Auto Crawls and Downloads Images from Google, DevianArt and 4Chan

March 30, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Google Images, DevianArt and 4Chan, these websites contains a lot of images which some are free to download and some copyright. Searching for images on these sites can be tedious and one of the automated way is to use Media Spider. Media Spider automates downloading of images based on keyword or selected categories and saves to your local hard drive. It is smart enough to auto crawl by itself to multiple search result pages and downloads the pictures.

Crawl and Download Images

To search in Google, you will have to specify the search string and number of results to download. The size of the image can also be specified. Searching and auto downloading from DevianArt is slightly more advanced with a couple of more features. It allows you to sort the results by popularity based on time and month and selecting a category. This gives you a more refined search results. Finally, downloading from 4Chan is based only on category. Once you click the Download button, you will be prompted on where to save the images at.

When MediaSpider has finished downloading an image, it will be shown on your screen. So if MediaSpider keeps on downloading, it will be like a slide-show showing you images of the categories that you have chosen to download. MediaSpider is a very simple application that is free to use and portable which doesn’t require to install. Just download and run.

Download MediaSpider

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