Measure Size of Images or Anything on a Webpage with MeasureIt

March 6, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


If you have a website with a fixed width, you have to be very careful with the images that you put in because if it’s too big, it will overlap the sidebar which screws up the whole page but if it’s too small, your readers will not be able to really see the image properly. The best is just maximize the image according to your website width. A lot of time we need to measure the width of an image that is on a website, or finding out what is the width and height of a website without going through the html source code, or even just to measure how long is the text.

If you have a screen capture software, you can use it to capture a screen shot of that page you want to measure, crop it and then check the size. Alternatively, you can just install a useful Firefox addon that adds a measurement ruler to your browser to measure anything you can find on the page without hassle.

MeasureIt is a Firefox extension that draws a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels. After installing the extension, to use it, just click on the ruler icon you see at the bottom left, and you will notice the whole screen fades a little bit. Now you can use your mouse to draw the lines and a measurement will be shown. To close it, you can either press the Esc button on your keyboard or just click the ruler icon again. So far this addon has been downloaded by nearly 1.5 million times and it proves to be very useful.

measure element on a webpage

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