Measure Monitor Width and Height without a Measuring Tape

March 9, 2010 | Filed under Software


The measurement of the monitor is normally calculated in inches and they are determined by measuring diagonally across the screen and not from the width and height of the screen. However there are getting more and more different types of screen measurements and buying a screen filter to remove the glare from the monitor can be challenging. Buying the wrong screen filter which is either too big or too small is very annoying as you will need to go back to the computer store to change it.

Since most monitor nowadays are LCD and very seldom CRT, the makers of screen protectors has come up with protective film which is not as bulky as the older hanging or fitting screen protectors. When buying a protective film screen filter, the best way to not buy the wrong one is to see the width and height of the screen and not the whole monitor.

If you do not have a measuring tape, not to worry because a small program such as JR Screen Ruler is able to tell you your screen’s width and height in Pixels, Inches, Picas and Centimeters. All you need to do is download JR Screen Ruler, run it and you will see a ruler appearing on your screen. Simply drag the slider right to the end move the ruler so you can see the other end of the ruler and then place your mouse cursor right at the end of the ruler. The ruler will show you the width measurement of your screen. To check the height measurement of your screen, right click on the Ruler and select Flip. Do the same thing again by moving the slider right to the bottom and like what you did to measure the width.

MEasure Screen Height and Width

Download JR Screen Ruler

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