Map Any Folder or Directory to Virtual Drive Letter

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


There are reasons why you will need to map a folder to a drive letter. One of the example of such use is if you want to copy a disc content to the hard drive and let the program load from the hard drive which reduces the disc reading and makes it load faster. Using Virtual CD can solve this problem too but normally these kind of software installs drivers or services which takes up additional system resource even if you do not use them.

There is a built-in command SUBST which associates a path with a drive letter and because it is a command line application, novice users might find it hard and confusing to use. The easier way is to use a frontend GUI for SUBST called vSubst.

vSubst is a 18K small, portable and free program that lets you map a drive letter to a folder of your choice with an interface. You can add, remove or even set it persistent so that when you reboot your computer, the mount is still there without re-adding it again. One thing you should take note of is you should NOT run SCANDISK, DEFRAG, FORMAT, FDISK or similar programs on virtual drives! Works on all versions of Windows including Windows 7 32-bit.

subst gui frontend

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