Managing Multiple Tabs in Chrome with Tabs Plus Extension

March 22, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


Google Chrome is a very light and fast web browser. You can open a lot of tabs and the browser will not slow down at all unlike Firefox. An example scenario is you might be searching for a hotel in London and there are probably thousands of hotels listed in At first you open 10 hotels in different tabs and then followed by 20. You kept on going on until your tab looks like this. There is no way you are going to navigate around the tabs when it is this crowded.

Chrome tabs full

What you need is a Google Chome Tabs Manager extension called Tabs Plus that helps you to manage your open tabs and sessions. After installing Tabs Plus extension, all you need to do is hit the hotkey Alt+T or click on the Tabs Plus icon next to the address bar which opens up another tab that shows all the tabs in thumbnail preview. You can also search for a keyword and filter out those non related websites from the Tabs Plus tab.

Google Chrome Tabs Manager Tabs Plus

Other useful features includes grouping, closing and bookmarking selected tabs from the Tabs Plus window. The Tab Plus icon also shows a very useful number of how many tabs are currently opened in Google Chrome. This way if you know that you have too many tabs, then its probably time to group them up so that it won’t get too messy.

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