Manage Google Calender From Desktop with GMinder

March 30, 2010 | Filed under Google, Software


Google has a free service called Google Calendar where it allows you to manage your time by creating events and notifications. The Google Calender uses AJAX which is very fast and everything seems to take effect instantly without refreshing the page. However if you would prefer a desktop application to manage your Google Calender account right from your desktop without opening your browser and manually logging in, then you can give GMinder a try.

GMinder is a reminder program that waits in your system tray and alerts you when you have an upcoming Google Calendar event. GMinder supports multiple calendars and allows you to configure how you want to be alerted. Since it downloads your events, it works offline and enables you to preview your agenda of events. New events can be added to your Google Calendars using a Quick Add feature.

Manage Google Calender with Notification

After installation, first you will need to provide GMinder your Google Calender username and password. Then click the Download button which will sync GMinder with your web based Google Calender. Now all your events will be displayed on screen and

Gminder by default refreshes every 10 minutes to look for any changes on your Google Calender. It also preloads 31 days in advanced which can be configured at a longer or shorter period. When an event is starting soon, GMinder will show a reminder window when an event will start and also plays a sound.

Download GMinder

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