Make Windows 7 Remember Position and Size of Folder Windows

March 4, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Many experts claims that Windows 7 is by far the best Windows operating system ever released. It comes with nice animations, smooth edges, cool wallpapers and themes, auto fix problems but they’ve forgotten to implement a useful feature that remembers the position of a folder window. When we open a few folders, they will end up overlapping each other and this can cause some kind of inconvenience. To navigate around the folders, you would have to check them on the taskbar, or resize the window and move it to a corner every time. How nice if Windows can remember the last time you open a folder and where it is placed on the screen…

ShellFolderFix is an application that solves this annoying problem by making Windows 7 explorer folder windows remember their size and position. You can either download the installer version or the portable version and run it which will put the program in system tray. You can right click on the ShellFolderFix from system tray and save the workspace to remember the location and sizes of the folders. The next time you want to get all the folders at the position again, just use the Restore WorkSpace option.

You can configure the amount of folders to remember in the application. Remember that this tool doesn’t remember the location of a program or special folders like My Computer… It can only remember the location and size of normal “folders”.

Download ShellFolderFix

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