Make Firefox Browser Talk using Text to Voice

March 19, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Text to speech is a technology where you a text can be converted into voice and speaks from the computer without a human. This technology has been around for many years but has only reached a stage where it can speak from text but still in a very dead robotic manner. website offers a free service where you can enter any text that is in English and it will create a voice in MP3 either in male or female voice.

Although inaccurate in speech, text to speech technology could till be useful when we found a word that we don’t know how to pronounce and we can use it to hear how it is pronounced. It is common that we find words that we don’t know how to pronounce in websites so here is an addon for Firefox called Text to Voice which uses to convert the text into voice.

automatic firefox text to voice

After installing the addon, all you need to do is highlight the text by using your mouse to select the words and then click the speaker icon that is on the bottom right of Firefox. The text will automatically be sent to and auto translated into MP3 where you can either download it or if you have Flash Player installed, it will be auto played on the web browser.

Download Text to Voice

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