Lock Windows Computer Without Creating Password for User Account

March 16, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


Windows has a feature to lock the computer but that would mean you would also have to create a password for that user and by doing that, it would also mean you would have to type the password to login to your computer. You can of course set Window to auto login but what if you just wanted a simple feature to lock the computer without all that hassle of configuring the computer?

CD Protector is a portable and simple tool that offers the ability to lock your computer by just double clicking on the program. There is also option to enable or disable CD Drive button and CD Eject button and also the dangerous feature of totally lock the computer after 3 attempts of wrong password. If a person tries to login by guessing the password, all the buttons will be disabled and the only way to unlock the screen is by a cold reboot, unless the Override option is enabled. When the computer is locked out with the override option enabled, the user can type override in the password box and allowing the user to unlock the computer with the correct password.

CD Protector locks computer easily

It is advisable to check both the disable CD drive and eject button because it is possible that a user has a custom software or batch file that is made to bypass CD Protector and when the disc is inserted, Windows autorun the program and kills the CD Protector process.

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