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March 9, 2010 | Filed under Audio, Online Service


There are tons of free radio frequencies to listen to songs but the songs that are being played are fully controlled by the disc jockeys that are working on the radio stations. There is no way for a user to select what song to play next other than the rare single music dedicated that is suggested by only one person. In satellite TV channels such as MTV or Channel V there are times when it allows users to choose the next song to play through voting using text message SMS that cost 10-20 cents per vote.

Now you can listen to your favorite song in online radio Jelli. First you have to select the radio station that you would like to join such as Rock, POP, Live 105 and etc. Clicking on the stations won’t play the songs yet and it only shows you the current song that is being played on the station together with played and also upcoming songs. If you like to hear the current station, just click on the Listen button. You will then download a small playlist file to be played on Windows Media Player which will stream the radio station. If you like what you’re hearing, support that track by hitting the “Rocks” button. If you’re not a fan, click “Sucks” – and if enough Jelli listeners hate it too, it’ll get pulled right off the air.

Do note that Jelli is not a radio station that provides personal playlist. The playlist is determined by how the community scores each track. If you want to hear something, vote for it! Or vote against a track to try to keep it off the air. You can cast your vote anywhere you see a track. It’s fun! An account is required to use this free service, you can either login with Facebook or create a free account.

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