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March 30, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows


There are many tips and tricks as well as secrets which some are useful and some for fun such as easter eggs. Easter eggs are hidden secrets where the developer includes a fun eye candy feature where it doesn’t create anything useful but just for fun. There are information on Windows and software tips and tricks being posted everywhere on the Internet and searching for each one of them is tough because you will end up finding duplicate tips. The easier way to learn about Windows and software tips & tricks, you can download WinTricks.

WinTricks is one of the largest and most up-to-date programs for Windows tips, tricks, and secrets available today! WinTricks includes tips/tricks for all versions of Windows, plus the Registry, Desktop, AOL, Laptop, Internet, and more. You will find that this program is easy to navigate with complete instructions on all of our Tips and Tricks. The latest release includes new Tips/Tricks for 7, Mozilla Firefox and more. Also includes a new interface, a Favorites feature and minor bug fixes

Windows Tips and Tricks Collection

Basically after installing WinTricks, it opens a Windows help file with all the tips and tricks compiled into the database. It has a few category for you to choose from and you can also search based on keywords. The tip ans tricks ranges from Windows 95 up to the latest Windows 7. Learning computer tips and tricks can’t get any easier than this.

Download WinTricks

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